Rough Draft of Emily's introduction to the Presentation

Yahoooooo-ooo. I'd like to introduce you to our lesson plan, It's the Greatest Show on Earth, you're not gonna wanna leave home without it. It's finger licking good. I mean its MMmm Mmm good. Ba-da-ba-ba-ba...I'm lovin' it.

So....we are the 680 Media Group and we're interested in how many advertisements/marketing messages do we see/experience every day, and where they're coming from.

We decided to approach this assignment as a group of public librarians doing scheduled outreach at a 7th grade social studies class at the local middle school. This will be a series of visits, with an overall goal of getting Students to develop an eye towards sponsored messages and an understanding of library resources.

As far as the objectives of our visit:
We want Students to be able to differentiate between authority and accuracy
to gain familiarity with public library resources
to explore the difference between an advertisement and content in print media
to learn to be critical when interacting with media--from viral YouTube videos to consumer magazines and beyond....make these considerations when consulting sources for a research project.

Now the beginning of this lesson we are going to show a youtube video to get the kids thinking about subversive/hidden advertising in an exciting way - who doesn't like watching videos at school? now you may have seen this one - its about a 2 minute video of a guy catching sunglasses that his friend throws on his face - from across the room, from a moving car, it's pretty silly. What's significant about this video is that it was made by RayBan sunglasses - and nowhere is the logo displayed or the company specifically mentioned. It simply rose to internet fame under the guise that two john does had put together a cool enough video on their own. This is a great starting point to get talking about product placement in tv and movies, and to ask if that changes the content/realiability of the content...So now Jessie will take over to explain the next step of the lesson

Sound ok? I know the beginning is dorky but I kind of like being a dork and i think it'll make me less nervous if i start out being an idiot. this is the gyst of what i wanna say, is that alright? :) Anyway if you think the beginning is awful just tell me, i can take it out.