Media Kits for Magazine Activity

Every magazine has a media kit, a media kit is a magazine publisher's way of promoting their magazine to potential advertisers. Advertisers want their product to be displayed to correct audience and want to have their product purchased. The media kit can be sent to the advertiser as both an electronic version and a print version.

A media kit generally contains 3 parts:

Demographics: Statistics of their readers. These can be very wide open, from their sex (male or female) to whether or not they believe they are "free thinkers." These are displayed generally as percentages of their whole circulation number, which is also included in these statistics.

About the Magazine: In this part of the media kit, the magazine tells a bit about itself its success over the years and how it targets perhaps a specific audience or is the best at targeting a very broad audience.

Advertising Specifications: This is where the potential advertiser sees the sizes available, color options, and cost options (if you run an ad more frequently it is usually less expensive).

Many magazines are owned by the same company some of the most popular magazines are owned by media conglomerates, which we have discussed in previous and upcoming lessons.

Here are a few examples of media kits:

Spin Magazine

Seventeen Magazine

One of the largest publishers of magazines is Conde Nast Publications you can find a list of their magazines here:

Conde Nast Publications