choose an ad to talk about (ads you've seen/heard recently) for up to 30 seconds
[ each group member describes ]

Narrator 1:
Feeling overwhelmed by advertisements?
...Us too. We see it on every street, page, channel and website we visit. Every ad claims it's got the answer but we
don't buy that and now we've got some questions:

[ 3/4 questions (each person will say one?) ]

Emily's Questions:
Who is behind all the information we take in every day?
Who verifies if it's true?
If information is sponsored by someone or something in particular, does that change anything?
(maybe the last or first question should be our essential question?)

Nicole's question:
How does advertising change the culture in which we live?

Jessie's question:
Where were you when you were first advertised to?

Jess' question:
How many ads do you see every day, and don't even notice?

Narrator 2:
The "680 Media" group (is "680 Media" too catchy?) will attempt to answer these questions as they discuss marketing, pop
culture and a whole lot more at your middle school on May 4th at 7pm. For more information please go to [someone's blog address].

We can't wait to see you there!